IT Salaries Romania

Find out how you can pay competitive salaries and attract IT talent easier. Salary issues are reported by 48.33% of companies as a second challenge in IT recruitment, right after identifying quality candidates (61.67%). [Talentspotting Survey, 2016] Grab your IT salary report to build competitive salary structures and get an … Continue reading

Cum evolueaza SALARIILE din IT? Afla cum te pozitionezi!

Completeaza acum chestionarul si vei primi un raport gratuit (in jurul datei de 15 decembrie) cu nivelurile salariale, beneficiile atractive si felul in care evolueaza acestea in timp. Chestionarul are 26 de intrebari cu raspunsuri predefinite, iar timpul de raspuns este sub 10 minute. Iata chestionarul aici -