Recruitment Efficiency – Top Challenges and Most Used KPIs

Companies are facing the same predicaments when trying to attract the best talent, regardless of industry, according to the latest study on recruitment efficiency carried out by Talentspotting. The top challenge list includes identifying quality candidates (62%), unrealistic salary expectations (39%) and competition for talent (32%).

In the IT&C industry, unrealistic salary expectations are reported to a higher extent than in other fields, being identified as a recruitment challenge by almost half of the respondents (48%). In addition, the competition for talent is intense in this industry, according to 45% of the companies.

Top challenges in IT

Attracting and engaging candidates in the recruitment process is challenging for 37% of the IT companies, and is closely followed by the difficulty to identify a large enough number of candidates (35%). On the other hand, low interview show up rates are also seen as a challenge in recruitment by 10% of the IT respondents.

The survey also revealed that 12% of the IT companies regard the salaries they are able to offer as below the market average, which is another challenge they need to deal with when recruiting.

When it comes to evaluating their recruitment departments, IT companies follow the mainstream trends in recruitment.


According to the Talentspotting survey, the average closing time for vacancies in companies is an important recruitment department KPI for almost 70% of the organisations. Quality of hire follows, according to 60% of the respondents, and manager satisfaction, measured after 3 or more months from hire start. The latter emerges as a top KPI for 45% of the companies.

In turn, churn or attrition rates are used as a KPI for the recruitment departments of 36% of respondent organisations, while costs are considered by 17% of the participants.

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